Sunrise Calculator

If you are wondering what time the sun rises anywhere in the world on a certain date, press the calculate button after entering the relevant place and date in the calculator below.

Below this page, you can also find the answers for frequently asked questions about this subject.
Sunrise Calculator
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What is sunrise?

It is defined as the lightening of the sky with the appearance of the sun on the horizon.

What time does the sun rise?

The sunrise at an observation point on Earth is calculated by calculating the moment when the sun will appear on the horizon when viewed from that point, using complex formulas.

What questions can I find answers to with this calculator?

You can easily find the answers for questions like when it is daytime or when does the sun rise today in a particular place.

Can I find the sunrise time of a past date?

Our sunrise calculator is designed in such a way that it can calculate the time of daylight illumination for both past and future dates. The most accurate results are given by taking into account whether there is a summer time application on the selected date in the relevant place.